I wanted to take a moment to reflect on such a beautiful- women that had such an impact on both mine, and my families lives forever. Mama has been referred to as one of, if not the greatest woman in Christianity, and I couldn’t agree more! My first encounter with Mama was a little after my birth. During labor the doctors had a hard time with my delivery, and they pulled my left shoulder out of socket. It was later determined that this injury was very server and my mom was told that I would never use my left arm again. My mother took me to her pastor, Mama for prayer in hopes for healing. Mama prayed for me and two days later I returned to the doctor for a follow up visit. As the doctor began to examine me, he was astonished that I was able to raise my arm over my head although it was in a sling. (My mother began to cry, thanking God for my healing) Those of us who knew Mama, knew that she takes no credit for Gods works, such as healing, or miracles, but she believed what Jesus told his apostles, “These works come through fasting and praying.” That’s exactly what Mama did constantly; fasted and prayed, always with concern for the people that God gave her to watch over. There are so many stories and accounts of the great works that Mama did, but most importantly she was a wonderful pastor, adhering to what God told her “If you love me, then feed my sheep.” She was fair and gave everyone a voice. She especially loved and was concerned about her young church members. We love and remember you always Mama!




We would love to hear how you remember Mama in your life, or any stories, images, and sayings that speak to her legacy.



Being a Mama’s Boy means you know who you are. You live your faith. You know your roots and celebrate them.

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